Fact Sheet- Buyers beware

Pasture establishment on the right and Serrated tussock on the left.
Serrated tussock-Nassella trichotoma- is a class 4 noxious weed.
 Photo: Malcolm Campbell (DPI)

Advice on weeds for intending property purchasers
The purchase of land, be it a suburban building block or multi-hectare property, is a major decision and can be emotive.
Noxious weeds are often forgotten among the myriad considerations involved.
Before signing a contract, prospective purchasers should take the following considerations into account:
Are there noxious weeds on the land?
Are noxious weed infestations being managed?
What are the costs of weed control?
If the land is to be used for farming, will weed infestations lead to production losses?
Privacy laws prevent Council from disclosing weed infestation information to prospective buyers without the owner’s consent.

What should I do before purchase?
  1. Before buying land, you should arrange for someone who knows about weeds to inspect the property with you. If weeds are found on the property, a weed control operator can provide an estimate of how much control work will cost. Council does not provide information on such costs but can provide contact details of suitable experiences weed control contractors.
  1. Your solicitor should request a Section 64 Certificate from Hilltops Council. A Section 64 Certificate will provide information on current notices over the property or money payable to Hilltops Council in relation to noxious weeds. These debts and outstanding notices remain with the property on sale and become the responsibility of the buyer.
    The small cost of an independent inspection and the certificates may save you thousands of dollars in weed control.
    If you need more information, contact Hilltops Council on (02) 6380 1200