Council works and road closures 
Road Closures/Speed Restrictions 

Under the Roads to Recovery Program, Hilltops Council has received funding for the upgrade of the causeway over Maryamma creek on the Tarrant’s Gap Rd approximately 2.8km from the Darby’s Falls Rd intersection.
The works for this upgrade will include the removal of the existing concrete causeway and replacement with a new concrete bridge. This will allow residents full access to this road under heavy rainfalls and flooding, which in the past was not possible.
The road closure will begin on Tuesday 11th June 2019 with works scheduled to be completed Sunday 30th June 2019.


Council advises motorists that use the Spring Creek Road Bridge in Young that the bridge bypass is now open to all traffic.

The Spring Creek Bridge is now closed to all vehicles.

Motorists are to note access to Spring Creek Road and roads adjoining this road is to be made via MacKenzie and Glensloy Streets and the new bypass road to Spring Creek Road.

Access to residents in McVeigh Street from Templemore and Spring Street remains unchanged.

Planned roadworks, water supply and sewerage works for the period ending Thursday 27 June 2019
The following planned works are underway in the Hilltops Council area:
Western Old Monteagle Road, Murringo Flats Road, Rhodes Road and Kikiamah Lane.
  Eastern Boorowa Waste Transfer Station. Tarrants Gap Rd Causeway
  Southern Fernbank Road, Redbridge Road and Huntleigh Road
Flood maintenance and repairs as required – ongoing.
Western Reactive gravel resheeting as required.
  Eastern No resheeting activity.
  Southern Holman Road.
Sealed Road
Western Hand patching works on various roads.
Reactive maintenance on signs and trees.
  Eastern Sealed road pothole patching and minor sign replacements. Weed spraying of road shoulders and spot spraying of noxious weeds. Signage repairs and replacements on local and regional roads. Pavement repairs on town streets and local roads. Roadside slashing on Lachlan Valley Way, Rye Park Road and Rugby Road. Major sign replacement on Lachlan Valley Way.
  Southern Minor pavement defect hand patching on various roads.
Shoulder grading on Bouyeo Road.
Weed spraying of road shoulders and spot spraying of noxious weeds.
Road shoulder vegetation control (slashing) – weather permitting.
Signage repairs and replacements on local and regional roads.
Storm damage works including drainage and pavement repairs to urban and rural roads.
Linemarking Jugiong Village, Moppity Road, Kingsvale Road and Back Creek Road.
Western Nasmyth Street Lane and Edwards Street Lane sealing construction works.
  Eastern Boorowa Waste Transfer Station.
Tarrants Gap Rd Causeway
  Southern Mechanic Institute – capital upgrades to building including painting, flooring and bar area.
Derby Street - kerb and gutter Public School area.
North Street linking concrete cycleway – Stage 2.
Wombat Hall disabled toilets construction.
Parks and
Western Monitor and review all lines and sprinklers.
Routine maintenance of turf on sporting fields and ovals.
Linemarking for Winter sports, school sports and athletics carnivals.
Routine maintenance and mowing of recreational grounds, sporting ovals and reserves.
Light maintenance on ovals and playing fields.
Street tree maintenance and pruning.
General maintenance of CBD.
  Eastern Mowing of cemeteries.
Spot spraying, weeding and pruning Marsden Street.
Street tree pruning – as needed.
General maintenance on sporting fields.
Streetscape cleaning every morning.
  Southern Neill Street garden and streetscape maintenance. Cemetery mowing and general maintenance.
Turf maintenance on sporting ovals.
Linemarking for Winter sports.
Park maintenance and mowing.
Monitor and review all lines and sprinklers for Winter watering program.
Broadleaf spraying at McLean Oval, Roberts Park Oval and Newson Park.
Waste Services Southern Normal waste collection services.
Thursday 20/06/19 AUDIT of all recycling bins prior to pick up to ensure only RECYCLED goods are collected.  Any non-confirming bins will not be picked up and will have a red non-pick up sticker applied.
Water supply and sewerage works:

All Areas
Water meter replacement program – ongoing.
Routine operations and maintenance – ongoing.
Routine water quality testing and monitoring – ongoing.
Hydrant maintenance throughout town – ongoing.
Speed restrictions will be in place and minor delays may be experienced.  The planned works are subject to change due to Council resources and weather conditions.
Motorists are advised that Roadwork Speed Limits are enforceable by the NSW Police.  Speed should be reduced and caution exercised when travelling through roadwork sites.