Vital water mains cleaning work will be carried out in stages across Young throughout November and December.

This is to ensure the long-term quality and preservation of this essential network and water delivery service.

The schedule is as follows (*adjacent areas may be affected):

1. Monday Nov 6 – Friday Nov 10, 2017

North of terminal storage to Demondrille St including Backcreek Rd, Thornell Rd, Byrne Ave, Normans Rd, Petticoat Ln, Willawong St, Windemere St, Newtons Rd, Kingsvale Rd, Pitstone Rd, Brocade Pl, Chantilly Pl, Mathew Cres, Scott Pl, Binalong St, Hayden Pl, Mayoh Pl, Garland Pl, Cowper St, Earl St, Tierney St and Wombat Rd.

2. Monday Nov 13 – Friday Nov 17, 2017

North of Demondrille St to Lovell St, West of Willawong St and East of Chillingworks Rd including Murringo St, Berthong St, Yass St, Campbell St, Bruce St, Caple St, Thornhill St, Toompang St, White St, Barwang St, Hardy Ave, Keevil Dr, Spring St, Miro St, Currawong St, Dundas St, Boorowa St, Lovell St, Cloete St, Marina St, Lachlan St, Calabash St, Temora Rd, Chillingworks Rd, Wickham Ln and Browns Ln.

3. Monday Nov 20 – Friday Nov 24, 2017

North of Lovell St and up to William St, East and West of Lynch St including Nasmyth St, Edward St, Stoneridge St, Main St, Clarke St, Zouch St, Mclerie St, Russell St, Florence St, Whiteman Ave, Victoria St, Briggs St and Western Ave.

4. Monday Nov 27 – Friday Dec 1, 2017

North of William St, East of Jasprizza Ave and West of Hill St including Fontenoy St, Nuthall cres, Renmark Ave, Jim Anderson Ave, Cram Ave, Crichton Cres, Blackett Ave, Musgrave St, Samuel Ct, Martin Cl, Elizabeth St, Brock St, Prospect St, Orchard St, Hargreaves Cres, Bendick St, Monteagle St, Taylor Rd, Dwyer Dr and Karabah Ave.

5. Monday Dec 4 – Friday Dec 8, 2017

Pumping lines on Cowra Rd, Grenfell Rd, hill St, Showground area, Boorowa Rd, Chums Ln, Hintons Rd and Red Hill Rd.

Consumer checklist:

During cleaning process

  • Consumers are advised to avoid using their washing machines and dish washing machines during the hours when the works are in your area.
  • To prevent air entering the household water system it is recommended that taps are not opened during the cleaning period.

After cleaning is complete

  • Following the cleaning, consumers should check their water supply and flush their own pipes by running a back-yard tap, until the water returns to normal.
  • There may be some trapped air in the house water pipes. The air may cause some splutters and spits as it comes out of the taps. If this happens, run your tap until all the trapped air leaves the pipe.
  • Clearing the pipes of trapped air and dirty water should only take a couple of minutes.

For any inquiries, please contact Council on 6380 1200.