Residents across the region are being encouraged to embrace their unique role in what will be the historic first election of the newly formed Hilltops Council.

General Manager Anthony McMahon said the September 9 election is an opportunity for voters and potential candidates alike, to be an active participant in guiding the future direction of the area.

“As we move closer to the end of our time in administration and back to an elected council, I’m proud to say that we’re charging full-steam ahead towards an exciting future for the entire region,” Mr McMahon said.

With just over three months to go until polling day, Mr McMahon said now is the time for would-be candidates to consider nominating themselves for a role on the inaugural council.

“Our region’s potential is vast; we need to harness the skills and talents of our residents to fulfil this potential through the creation of a council that is representative, forward-thinking, inclusive, committed, approachable and vibrant,” Mr McMahon said.

In addition to candidate nominations, Mr McMahon said it was vital every voter recognises the important role they play in the future of the Hilltops Council.

“It’s a cliché but every vote counts, so to ensure your voice is heard on September 9, double-check that your details on the electoral roll are up-to-date,” Mr McMahon said.

“The NSW Electoral Commission has just launched an updated version of their election website which has been designed to focus specifically on the September 2017 local government elections.

“You can view your enrollment details on the website, which will also be continually updated with material such as candidate information, polling locations and ballot details,” he said.

Further information regarding Hilltops Council elections can be found by clicking here or