Boorowa residents are advised that Level 2 water restrictions are currently in place.  See below for requirements

  • Watering of gardens: 6am to 9am & 6pm to 9pm every
    second day on odds and evens scheme;
  • Irrigation of new turf: Up to one week after laying;
  • Washing down walls/paved surfaces: Not permitted;
  • Topping-up private pools/spas: 7am to 9am &
    6pm to 8pm;
  • Washing cars: With bucket & rinse with trigger hose
    on lawn between 9am and 12 noon;
  • Use of evaporative air-con: As needed.

*Target water consumption: 240 litres/person/day


Odds and evens scheme relates to the house number being either an odd or even number, and taking turns on alternative days for the nominated water use.  The cycle starts with even numbered houses on the first day of water restrictions.