Hilltops Council is seeking feedback on the draft Hilltops Community Strategic Plan 2030 (CSP). Although Council plays a major role in shaping the communities’ future, it is only through broader community engagement and involvement that we can achieve our goals together.

The CSP is a high-level plan of the community which recognises main aspirations for the future and identifies strategies for how these may be achieved.

A comprehensive community engagement process was undertaken to understand what the important contributing factors are to the quality of our residents’ lives. This information informed the draft plan and will influence how Council and its partners in Federal and State Governments and other non-governmental organisations will work together to achieve this long-term vision.

Council is the facilitator in bringing the communities’ views together into a single document. We will continue to communicate and engage on this plan as we recognise that our communities are dynamic. It will be important to regularly revisit the CSP to ensure that it adequately reflects where the community wants to see our region heading.

The first step in this process is to call for submissions on the draft CSP prior to it being adopted by the Council.

Submissions are to be made in writing to Council’s General Manager, Anthony McMahon, Hilltops Council, Locked Bag 5, Young NSW 2594 (or by email to mail@hilltops.nsw.gov.au), by 12.00 pm (noon) on Thursday, February 15, 2018.

To view or download the plan click here, or visit any one of the three Council Administration Office or library locations (Closed between Christmas and the New Year, reopening from 2nd January).

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