As part of an initiative of Hilltops Council, members of the community are invited to participate in a free Food Safety Training course. The training is open to all not-for-profit community groups within the Hilltops Council area to assist in the safe delivery of food to members of the community.

Who is the training designed for, and should I attend?
The training is designed for anyone who has exposure to the handling of food to the public, or anyone who has an interest in the preparation and serving of food. This may include sporting or community groups undertaking fundraising drives, BBQ’s, or any other food that will be sold as part of a wider activity of a not-for-profit sporting/community group.

When and where will the training take place?
Hilltops Council Young Office – 189 Boorowa St, Young.
5.15pm for a 5.30pm to 6.30pm session on Tuesday 28 November 2017.

Hilltops Council Harden Office – 3 East St, Harden.
5.15pm for a 5.30pm to 6.30pm session on Thursday 30 November 2017.

Hilltops Council Boorowa Office – 6-8 Market St, Boorowa.
5.15pm for a 5.30pm to 6.30pm session on Thursday 7 December 2017.

Does this training replace the need to undertake a ‘Food Safety Supervisor’ course?
In certain circumstances, you may need to undertake a ‘Food Safety Supervisor’ course (which is separate to this course). The ‘Food Safety Supervisor’ course is only a requirement for businesses that produce and sell high risk foods and the requirement to appoint a ‘Food Safety Supervisor’ does not apply to not-for-profit organisations and community/sporting groups.
However, if you do operate a business that does require a ‘Food Safety Supervisor’, this training will not provide you with ‘Food Safety Supervisor’ certification.

Is there a fee payable for the training?
No, this is a free service and there will be no fee payable to Council for the training.

How do I register?
To register your interest, please contact Glen Harper of Council on 0455 558 644 or email: as spaces are limited.