Flying-fox Management Plan


Hilltops Council is currently in the process of creating – and later enacting –  a management plan for Flying-fox colonies in areas of Young where they cause significant impacts.

The plan will aim to reduce the impact of these colonies on communities, with Council consulting with experts and residents in the creation of the plan.

The plan will:

  • pinpoint flying-fox camps;
  • identify alternative sites located away from houses and infrastructure; and
  • outline management proposals for the identified sites.

Once prepared, the draft plan will be put on public exhibition for comment.


Flying-foxes are wild animals, with each species forming one large population that travels large distances to find food and a suitable habitat to live in. Flying-fox movement is the largest species migration that occurs in Australia.

Both species of Flying-fox found in Young are native to Australia and are protected under NSW law. The Grey-headed Flying-fox is also listed as vulnerable to extinction under NSW and national threatened species legislation.

Any work on known Flying-fox habitat requires a license application to the Office of Environment & Heritage (OEH).

The plan

The greatest impact of Flying-foxes in urban areas is on residents living near to the Flying-fox camps. There are also impacts on residents and businesses under the flight path of the animals as they leave and return to the camps at dusk and dawn.

In Young, Flying-foxes are attracted to the town’s creek lines.

While the obvious management action for Flying-fox camps that are disturbing residents is ‘to move them on’, this is rarely easily or economically achievable. Attempts to disperse Flying-foxes most-often result in the camp moving only 200 – 1000 metres away. In Young this is extremely problematic as it may move the animals to sites that are closer to higher density housing or to major businesses.

Community input

Information forum:

The Flying-fox management plan community information afternoon was held on Tuesday, 8 August 2017 at Young Town Hall.

Experts in Flying-fox ecology, camp management, vegetation management & health were on-hand for the community to meet, question and inform.


Members of the community are also encouraged to provide their feedback online using the decision support tool ‘Flying-fox Engage’.

More information

For more information phone Hilltops Council on (02) 6380 1200 or email

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