Thank you to everyone who entered the recent ‘Your Hilltops’ Community Strategic Plan (CSP) competitions.

Up to 7yrs ($25 gift card each- tied- 2 winners) Toby- Gumnut Grove Student, Ella Steenbergen,
8yrs to 12yrs ($25 gift card- 2 winners) Jacob McKinnon and Ronan Winfield
Special Judges Award ($20 gift card) Young Preschool Kindergarten

Primary ($25 gift card) Miranda Howard
Secondary ($25 gift card) Cassie Boland

Open: ($100 gift card) Annettes Place

Youth Survey:
Under 12yrs ($25 gift card) Lachie Sharma
12-17yrs ($25 gift card x 2) Cooper Cross + Bridget Williams

Adult Survey:
18-25yrs ($50 gift card) Louise Mara
18 + (Ipad Mini) Mike Ward