Water Management

Water Mains cleaning by air scouring and flushing

Consumers on the water reticulation systems within Hilltops Council, are advised that, Council will start cleaning of the water mains by air scouring for Young and Boorowa and flushing for Harden Murrumburrah, Jugiong, Wombat, Prunevale and Galong to avoid discolouration in the water supply during the summer months.  

Boorowa water mains cleaning by air scouring notification

Young water mains cleaning by air scouring notification 

Water usage 

Residents across the Hilltops Region are asked to be mindful of their water usage regardless of  water restrictions are encouraged to do all they can to be water wise. Hilltops Council is a member Smart Water Advice, a range of tips and resources to help you save water in your home, garden and at work are available below

Saving water in your home, garden and at work 

Smart Water Advice

Water restrictions in Hilltops 

 Level one restriction
 Level one restriction
  Level one restriction

A summary of level 1 water restrictions:
Activity Level 1
Watering of gardens 6am-9am and 6pm-9pm daily
Irrigation of new turf Up to one week after laying
Washing down walls or paved surfaces Not permitted
Topping up private swimming pools/spas As needed
Washing cars Allowed with bucket and rinsed with trigger hose on lawn
Use of evaporative air conditioners As needed