Council works and road closures 
Road Closures/Speed Restrictions 


Hilltops Council advise that traffic restrictions have been imposed on the Spring Creek Bridge on McVeigh Street which provides access to Spring Creek Road, the Spring Creek Industrial area and Whites road in Young.
These restrictions are required due to structural cracking of the bridge.
The interim restrictions that have been imposed are:

  • A 10 kmph speed limit on all vehicles using this bridge,
  • With all traffic reduced to one way and GIVE WAY controls to limit one vehicle per time travelling across this bridge
Advanced warning signs will be installed to caution approaching motorists.

Hilltops Council will construct a sidetrack detour to bypass Spring Creek Bridge until such time as it can be replaced. It is anticipated that the sidetrack will be completed with a bitumen seal surface by early February 2019 and will cater for two-way traffic flow.
This Bypass will divert all traffic from Spring Creek Road through to Boorowa Street by connecting Spring Creek Road to Glensloy Street, then onto Mackenzie Street through to Boorowa Street.

All Heavy Vehicle operators are encouraged to check for further details.
Hilltops Council apologise for any inconvenience caused by these restrictions however these measures are absolutely necessary to maintain public safety. Further details will be provided once all changes have been put in place.

Planned roadworks, water supply and sewerage works for the period ending Thursday 25 April 2019

The following planned works are underway in the Hilltops Council area:
Western Storm damage repairs to Allandale Road, Bowlers Road, Braemar Lane, Dawes Lane, Geegullalong Road, Jacksons Road, McMahons Road, Maloneys Road, Milo Road, Murringo Flats Road, Narellan Road, Nine Mile Gap Road, Rockdale Road and Waihemo Road.
  Eastern Roaring Rock Road, Dirt Hole Creek Road, Perks Road, Wargeila Road, Whealgrace Road, Cocomingla Lane, Rockall Road, Little Plains Road, Aubyn Vale Lane, Rossi Road and Clonalton Road.
  Southern Chinamans Creek Road, Gladstone Road and Woodlands Road.
Flood maintenance and repairs on Hartfield Road, Wombat Creek Road, Redbridge Road and Colorado Road.
Storm damage repairs to roads which have been affected during recent storm events.
Western Some storm damage repairs to Murringo Flats Road, Narellan Road, Milo Road, Maloneys Road and Geegullalong Road.
Storm damage repairs to roads which have been affected during storm events.
  Eastern No resheeting activity.
  Southern Chinamans Creek Road.
Storm damage repairs to roads which have been affected during the recent storm events.
Sealed Road
Western Storm damage repairs to shoulders on Henry Lawson Way, Bendick Murrell Road, Chews Lane, Chillingworks Road, Iandra Road, Murringo Gap Road, Pitstone Road, Scenic Road and Telegraph Road.
Hand patching works on various roads.
Roadside slashing on various roads.
  Eastern Storm damage (shoulder repair and culvert cleaning) on Lachlan Valley Way.
Sealed road pothole patching and minor sign replacements.
Weed spraying of road shoulders and spot spraying of noxious weeds.
Signage repairs and replacements on local and regional roads.
Pavement repairs on town streets and local roads.
Frogmore Road shoulder grading on Hovells Creek area.
Roadside slashing on Lachlan Valley Way and Rye Park Road.
  Southern Programmed reseals on Gladstone Road, Simmonds Road and Race Creek Road.
Minor pavement defect hand patching on various roads.
Weed spraying of road shoulders and spot spraying of noxious weeds.
Road shoulder vegetation control (slashing) – weather permitting.
Signage repairs and replacements on local and regional roads.
Storm damage works including drainage and pavement repairs to urban and rural roads.
Pavement repairs on sealed roads where bleeding has occurred.
Western Old Forbes Road shoulder widening construction.
Spring Creek Road Bridge bypass construction.
Burrangong Creek Bridge sediment control.
Nasmyth Street Lane and Edwards Street Lane kerb, gutter and sealing construction works.
McHenrys Creek Bridge approaches construction.
During the construction process, single lane traffic control may be present overnight at McHenrys Creek Bridge approaches.
  Eastern Boorowa Waste Transfer Station.
  Southern Mechanic Institute – capital upgrades to building including gutter replacement, painting, flooring, kitchen and amenities works.
Murrumburrah landfill fencing.
North Street linking concrete cycleway – Stage 2.
Wombat Hall disabled toilets construction.
Parks and
Western Preparations for Anzac Day celebrations – town and local monuments.
Winter annuals planting program.
Major oval and sporting fields fertilising program.
Monitor and review all lines and sprinklers.
Routine maintenance of turf on sporting fields and ovals.
Linemarking for school sports and athletics carnivals.
Linemarking for Winter sports.
Routine maintenance and mowing of recreational grounds, sporting ovals and reserves.
Check lights.
Street tree pruning – as needed.
General maintenance of CBD.
  Eastern Preparations for Anzac Day celebrations – town and local monuments.
Mowing of cemeteries.
Watering of new trees.
Spot spraying, weeding and pruning Marsden Street.
General maintenance of pool grounds.
Street tree pruning – as needed.
General maintenance on sporting fields.
  Southern Preparations for Anzac Day celebrations – town and local monuments.
Neill Street garden and streetscape maintenance. Cemetery mowing and general maintenance.
Turf maintenance on sporting ovals.
Linemarking for schools, Touch Football and Athletics Club.
Park maintenance and mowing.
Monitor and review all lines and sprinklers for Winter watering program.

Water supply and sewerage works:
Western Water main renewal on Cowra Road – ongoing.
Templemore Street water main works – ongoing.
Hydrant maintenance throughout town – ongoing.
Sewer mains renewals in Lighting Lane and Lynch, Nasmyth and Zouch Streets – ongoing.
Eastern Works on hydrants and water services.
Southern Services location and test pressure.
Works on sewer junctions and water services.

All Areas
Water meter replacement program – ongoing.
Routine operations and maintenance – ongoing.
Routine water quality testing and monitoring – ongoing.
Speed restrictions will be in place and minor delays may be experienced.  The planned works are subject to change due to Council resources and weather conditions.
Motorists are advised that Roadwork Speed Limits are enforceable by the NSW Police.  Speed should be reduced and caution exercised when travelling through roadwork sites.