The renewal of Whiteman Avenue in Young brings to completion a series of projects undertaken as part of a $3 million road upgrade program in the Hilltops Region.

The program was aimed at restoring roads that form part of a larger freight network used by heavy vehicles transporting goods in and out of the region.

Hilltops Mayor Brian Ingram explained the ‘Urban Pavement Asset Renewal and Upgrade Program’ is the result of significant planning between Council, the RMS and the NSW State Government.

“In order to provide freight transport with the vital links needed to reach places of significant regional and inter-state importance, Council maintains a network of vehicle routes that provide access to these strategic connection points,” Mayor Ingram said.

“Prior to this program, the roads in our local network – which carry in excess of 100,000 to 200,000 heavy vehicle movements per year – weren’t up to supporting large volumes of heavy vehicles like B-Doubles.

“The program was initially commenced by the former Young Shire Council and has continued and been finalised under Hilltops Council which is an example of how important projects under the former Councils are being seen through by the new Council.

“Following completion of the various projects under this program, Council has not only enhanced the road infrastructure for our residents, but has helped ensure our local road network complies with the needs of the broader freight transport grid that we’re a part of,” he said.

General Manager Anthony McMahon said the Urban Pavement Asset Renewal and Upgrade Program was made possible under the Local Infrastructure Renewal Scheme (LIRS), in addition to $300,000 in Roads to Recovery funding.

“Thanks to efficiencies stemming from other projects, Council was in the fortunate position to be able to extend this particular program to also include sections of road that may otherwise have missed out,” Mr McMahon said.

The Urban Pavement Asset Renewal and Upgrade Program included the following roads:

Urban Heavy Vehicle Routes
Lovell Street: Zouch Street to Thornhill Street
Thornhill Street: Lovell Street to Dundas Street
Cloete Street: Zouch Street to Main Street
Main Street: Cloete Street to Short Street
Zouch Street: Boorowa Street to Cloete Street
Whiteman Avenue: Zouch Street to Russell Street


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